Litter Welcome Mat

Do you want a Litter Welcome Mat to greet your kitty at his litter box?

It’s a nice way to keep your cat’s litter box area cleaner and it’s great for controlling the amount of litter that can get spread around throughout your home.

If you are a cat lover then you love your kitty but may really get annoyed with his litter box. Cats are just like humans in a way. They can be messy or they can be clean and you can tell by looking at them when they are using the litter box.

Some little cats will dig around and keep digging as if they think they are actually going somewhere.

Unfortunately for you, all that digging is causing a big mess and they haven’t even left the litter box yet! If this the case in your home then you may need something to keep it all in check.

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Litter Welcome Mat
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Pictured is the Petmate Flexible Litter Mat.

A litter welcome mat can keep any stray litter from spreading around and it can help make your cleaning up duties just that much easier.

When it’s time to clean his bin, you just pick up the mat and empty any stray litter into his box.

Details of the Petmate Mat

* Smaller mat
* Measures 17.1″ X 14″ X .3″
* Has ridges to trap litter
* Available in different colors

Take not that with mats like this, they can be harder to get your cat to actually use them! This is the whole point of buying one and if he refuses to step on it then you might as well not have one.

The trick to get your cat to walk onto it (given it’s small size) is to use it only with enclosed litter boxes. This way he has no choice but to step onto it to trap any litter in his paws!

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